Specifically, a spokesperson of the Port reported that the port invests $35 million into state of the art ship unloader that is equipped with the latest safety and environmental features and will play a key role in delivering efficiencies to customers.

Also, the spokesperson added

This level of infrastructure investment has not been seen before at Port of Newcastle since privatisation. Stevedore employees experience a high degree of casualisation. Port of Newcastle is interested in creating a number of full-time positions for wharf and crane operators that would provide workers with greater job security and the education and training required to support the operation of the new ship unloader.

The port has commenced discussions to find a common ground with the Maritime Union of Australia on the project; Yet, although the two parties have met on three occasions, for the time being the discussions are at a very early stage.

Concerning the wharfies' protest, the MUA assistant national secretary, Warren Smith stated that 'The MUA has demanded the Port of Newcastle withdraw its plans to exclude existing wharfies from their current work'. The workers are against the new crane, supporting that the project will bring additional personnel and thus put at risk the work and available hours for existing stevedoring workers and corporations.