Through their 12-month agreement, both sides will focus on a joint Power-to-Gas facility at Vantaa Energy’s waste-to-energy -plant in the city of Vantaa in the capital region.

In fact, Power-to-Gas facility would produce carbon-neutral synthetic biogas using carbon dioxide emissions and electricity generated at the waste-to-energy plant.

What is more, partners' goal is to confirm the optimal size of the project, the cost of synthetic biogas for district heating, and to understand the boundary conditions for project feasibility.

Basically, their main aim is to replace the use of conventional natural gas in district heating with Synthetic biogas, thereby reducing Vantaa Energy’s carbon dioxide emissions.

We want to be a driver for change in the energy sector. We are actively and with an open mind seeking the best possible methods of producing energy in a smart and sustainable way and at a reasonable price. This project is an important step towards our goals.

....Jukka Toivonen, CEO of Vantaa Energy Ltd marked.

For the project's establishment, Wärtsilä will contribute its expertise in Power-to-Gas process and technologies.

At the same time, Vantaa Energy from its side will bring its experience and understanding of the district heating business and project-specific requirements to the feasibility study.

We are very excited about this opportunity as it will demonstrate the feasibility of synthetic fuels as an integral part of power and heat systems, while developing the overall sector coupling concepts going forward.

...Matti Rautkivi, Director, Strategy and Business Development at Wärtsilä Energy Business concluded.