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ABS, MOL cooperate to build up to 14 next-gen gas carriers

ABS and MOL informed that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on up to 14 new gas carriers. The agreement regards seven new-build Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC) and up to seven new-build Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers (LNGC) designed to carry gas from the US to China and other global markets.

SIGTTO presents ‘Recommendations for management of cargo alarm systems’

The Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators Ltd (SIGTTO) published the first output from the Human Element Committee, ‘Recommendations for Management of Cargo Alarm Systems’, recommending the implementation of alarm management philosophies for cargo alarm systems on gas carriers.

GasLog, GasLog Partners decided to withdraw LNG carriers from Cool Pool

GasLog and GasLog Partners decided to assume commercial control of their ships currently operating in the LNG carrier spot market through The Cool Pool. The Cool Pool is an LNG carrier pooling agreement between GasLog and Golar, focusing on spot fixtures of up to 12 months in duration.

BIMCO, ASBA jointly develop gas tanker voyage charter party

ASBATANKVOY, one of the most widely used tanker charter parties in the world, will create the basis when BIMCO and the Association of Ship Brokers & Agents Inc. (ASBA) start to jointly develop a charter party especially for use in the gas tanker trade.

ABS launches guide for unmanned liquefied gas tank barges

ABS published that it is launching a new Guide for Liquefied Gas Tank Barges with Remote Control and Monitoring of Essential Systems Requirements for design and construction of unmanned barges equipped with various degrees of automation. The company released a guidance aiming to help shipyards and barge operators. 

China halts gas leak from LPG tanker at Dongying port

According to local media reports, the Chinese authorities stopped a gas leak from a South Korean liquefied petroleum gas tanker, at Dongying Anchorage, Shandong Province, China, Bohai sea on January 14. The leak occurred after the ship didn’t manage to shut down the valve for one of its cargo tanks. The master notified authorities and asked for anchorage, to fix the valve.

How to conduct a ‘Cargo Environmental Control Examination’

Inert gas systems are installed on liquefied gas carriers to meet operational demands like gas freeing, before gassing up, and in some cases, between the switch of cargoes. When performing the examination of the IGS, examiners need to verify the following three items: operational O2 content meter; operational alarm for when oxygen levels exceed 5%; means to prevent backflow of gas.

ClassNK releases guidelines for liquefied gas carrier structures

ClassNK issued its Guidelines for Liquefied Gas Carrier Structures – Independent Prismatic Tanks. The Guidelines include technical requirements regarding the structural strength assessments of liquefied gas carriers by using direct calculation. The Guidelines are consisted by the Guidelines for Direct Strength Analysis, and the Guidelines for Fatigue Strength Assessment .

DryShips to spin off its gas carrier business

DryShips announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Gas Ships Limited has filed a registration statement on Form F-1 with the US Securities & Exchange Commission, regarding the spin off of its gas carrier business from Dryships. DryShips can decide to abandon, modify or change the terms of the spin-off, at any time until its completion.

KOTC, HHI ink gas carriers deal

The contract is of total $213.3 million worth. According to the deal, three liquefied gas tankers will be constructed, with KOTC paying $71 million for each ship. The first of the three tankers will have been built until the end of 2019, increasing the number of the company’s gas tankers to 31.


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