For relief efforts to Puerto Rico and the USVI, the following guidelines have been established by the USCG:

  • SOLAS exemptions: The vessels which don't have SOLAS certificates must request and obtain a SOLAS exemption from CG-CVC.
  • Sub-chapter "I" vessels with valid SOLAS certificates do not require additional Coast Guard approval.
  • Dual certificate vessels with valid SOLAS certificates do not require a USCG exemption to participate in relief efforts. 
  • Sub-Chapter "L" vessels and existing OSVs inspected under sub-chapter "I" are allowed to carry goods, supplies, individuals, in addition to the crew as well as equipment.
  • Hazardous Material Cargo :Vessels may carry hazardous cargoes only as permitted by the vessel's COI.
  • Manning : Vessels are to be manned with appropriately licensed personnel. 
  • Berthing vessels : Vessels operating outside the scope of their COI must request an inspection by OCMI where the vessel is located that it is adequate for berthing.
  • Advanced Notice of Arrival (ANOA) notifications shall be made prior to arrival in accordance with 33 CFR 160 Subpart C.

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