USCG: Guidance on Certificate of Documentation delays

The US Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) informed it is experiencing delays in the time necessary to issue a Certificate of Documentation. To assist mariners, the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance issued guidance on Certificate of Documentation.

UK Chamber discusses Certificates of Competency with Shipping Minister

The UK Chamber and trade union Nautilus International met with UK’s Shipping Minister Nusrat Ghani last week to discuss the recognition of UK Certificates of Competency following the UK’s departure from the European Union. UK Chamber CEO, Bob Sanguinetti, said that the Minister is committed to guarantee that UK seafarers will still be able to work for EU operators.

Canada sets online system for verifying certificates

The government of Canada issued a bulletin informing of a new, online way to verify the validity of Canadian Maritime Documents, in line with STCW Convention which recommends that maritime organizations offer an electronic way to verify the validity of certificates and endorsements. 

USCG: Actions taken to mitigate impact of lapse in appropriations

USCG issued an updated list of actions being taken to mitigate impacts caused by the lapse in appropriations. Merchant Mariner Credentials and Medical Certifications that expire in December 2018, January, February, March or April 2019 are extended as valid until 31 May 2019.

Employment of Indian seafarers grows by 35% in 2018

The number of Indian seafarers employed on Indian or foreign flag vessels saw an unprecedented growth of 35% last year, according to data provided by the Indian Ministry of Shipping. The figure rose from 154,349 in 2017 to 208,799 in 2018.

EU revises seafarers’ training focusing on simpler framework

The Romanian presidency reached a provisional agreement on a plan to keep the EU rules in line with international rules, while in the meantime make the centralised mechanism for the recognition of seafarers more efficient and effective. The agreement is based on EU’s regulatory framework on seafarers’ training and certification.

USCG: Fines for illegal charter vessel operations

The US Coast Guard terminated the voyage of the 45-foot pleasure craft ‘Sea You Twerk’ with 14 passengers aboard Sunday in Biscayne Bay, Miami, after discovering multiple safety violations. With this respect, USCG reiterated potential fines for illegal charter vessel operations. 

DMA: Replacements of nationality certificate for recreational sailors

The Danish Maritime Authority informed that it no longer issues nationality certificates to recreational sailors with vessels below 20 bt. Instead, it has prepared a letter that recreational sailors can bring abroad as a replacement for the nationality certificate. The Danish Maritime Authority also confirmed that Danish owners of pleasure crafts have the right to sail under the Danish flag, subject to the Danish Maritime Shipping Act.

New towing vessel receives first COI under Subchapter M

‘Virginia’ became the United States’ first new towing vessel to receive a Certificate of Inspection (COI) since the implementation of 46 CFR Subchapter M. The vessel, owned by Plimsoll Marine, was built by Blakeley BoatWorks in August and will operate within the Cooper Consolidated fleeting footprint, on the Lower Mississippi River.

MPA Singapore improves online application for Certificate of Endorsement

Singapore’s MPA has moved to further improvements to its online application for the Certificate of Endorsement (COE). From now on, the Receipt of Acknowledgement (ROA) will be automatically issued upon submission of COE application on the Marinet, instead of two working dates. This will enable companies to sign on officers whom the company has assessed to be competent for the intended shipboard position, while waiting for the processing of COE application or if the COE do not reach the ship in time.


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