Digitalization on the way for shipping: Are we ready?

Do you think the entire shipping industry will be completely digitalized by 2025? is the question posed by SAFETY4SEA, in our latest online poll in which the majority of our readers (63%) answered negatively, although the industry has recently witnessed a number of innovative and disruptive technologies.

Receiving a Continuous Synopsis Record Document

SOLAS Chapter XI-1, regulation 5 requires all passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnage and above engaged on international voyages to have on board a Continuous Synopsis Record. The CSR document aims to provide an onboard record of the history of the ship with respect to the information recorded therein. But how can ships receive such a document?

What changes made to SOLAS Chapter II-1 on damage stability

2019 is considered a busy year for the shipping industry and the IMO, especially with the upcoming SOLAS amendments. In fact, special consideration should be given to amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-1 on damage stability, which came into force in 2009. Amendments to SOLAS Chapter II-1 aim to harmonise cargo ship and passenger ship damage stability, as they made probabilistic damage stability the main method for calculating damage stability.

Korean Register appoints Gabon to proceed to vessel inspections

The Korea Shipowner’s Association (KR) announced that the International Shipping Registry of Gabon has been advised to conduct inspections of vessels and issue certificates according to international agreements. In the future, Korean Register of Shipping will provide more rapid and satisfactory service to customers through more foreign agency inspection inspection orders and contribute to safety at sea.

Iran placed on white list of maritime safety conventions

Iran has been placed in the White List of the International Maritime Organization in terms of the standard and maritime safety. Speaking about this development, Mohammad Rastad, PMO Managing director, said that the measures taken by the Ports and maritime Organization to maintain and improve maritime safety were key contributors.

Are you covered for SOLAS and Stowaways?

The Strike Club issued a bulletin focusing on the possibilities and challenges a vessel could face when its voyage is disrupted and delayed. The bulletin presents some basic Q&As the marine stakeholders could be interested in when their ship is out of its voyage, and examples of vessel’s disruption and the costs following. 

IMO’s Sub-Committee agrees on Polar life-saving appliances guidelines

In light of the Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE 6) meeting conducted by IMO’s Sub-Committee on 4-8 March 2019, the participants agreed to draft interim guidelines on life-saving appliances and arrangements for ships operating in polar waters, to ensure they meet the needs for survival in the harsh and specific conditions in Polar waters.

Draft guidelines agreed on fire safety on ro-ro vessels

IMO’s Sub-Committee conducted a meeting on Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE 6), on 4-8 March 2019. The meeting except safe lifting operations, focused on fire safety on ro-ro vessels in order to minimize the danger and the accidents.

Ensuring a safe steel coil transport

Cargo planners who are preparing the stowage of steel coils in the cargo hold of a general dry cargo ship or bulk carrier, many times they do not have the necessary cargo-type-specific information they need to decide the permissible cargo load and prevent damage to the ship’s structure, DNV GL informs. According to SOLAS Chapter VI, Reg. 5, every ship must have an approved cargo securing manual.


Should BWM training be a mandatory requirement?

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