The treatment principle of the Blue Ocean Shield (BOS) BWMS consists of filtration with UV treatment during uptake and discharge.

This approval covers models with maximum treatment rated capabilities between 100 m3/h and 3,200 m3/h.

So far, Alfa Laval Tumba ABWärtsilä Water Systems, Ltd.DESMI Ocean Guard A/S (Denmark), Envirocleanse, LLC (USA), De Nora (USA), Panasia (Republic of Korea), JFE Engineering Corporation (Japan), Headway Technology (People's Republic of China), Alfa Laval (Sweden), Hyundai Heavy Industries (Korea), Wärtsilä Water Systems (England), BIO-UV Group (France) , Samsung Heavy Industries Co (Republic of Korea), Techcross (Republic of Korea), Optimarin (Norway), TeamTec Ocean Saver (Norway), Sunrui (China), Ecochlor (USA), Erma First (Greece), Alfa Laval Tumba and Cathelco Ltd. have won the USCG type approval.

The status of approved and under review applications is as follows:

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