The company emphasizes that the Ecochlor System provides shipowners with several unique features. One of these is low power consumption, perhaps the lowest in the industry. Typical power requirements for the Ecochlor System treating a total flow rate of 8,000 m3/hr is 12 kWh, with maximum requirements reaching only as high as 35 kWh.

“Not only does the Ecochlor BWTS have low power consumption, it is highly effective in all types of waters, said Steve Candito, Ecochlor’s CEO. The system was engineered with many safety and redundancy features, such as pressurized double wall storage tanks, flow controls and a vacuum mixing chamber where the chlorine dioxide is generated on-demand. Along with supplying a highly effective, safe technology, Ecochlor is committed to offering a more efficient retrofit experience. We are pleased to now list USCG Type Approval Certification among our many achievements.”Tom Perlich, President and Founder said.

Ecochlor is the fifth company acquiring USCG Type Approval for its BWMS. The other four manufacturers are: Optimarin, Alfa Laval, OceanSaver and SunRui. Also, many others are waiting to finalise the process and receive the coveted type approval within this year.