UK Chamber of Shipping's Chief Executive, Bob Sanguinetti, paid a visit to Wightlink in Portsmouth where he was presented their state-of-the-art hybrid ferry.

The ferry called 'Victoria of Wight' began operations in August 2018 as the first hybrid ferry in the UK, and transits its passengers all year round to the Isle of Wight.

The vessels, similar to a car, uses a hybrid energy system and when needed it is powered by electricity. At the time of launching the Victoria of Wight used 17% less fuel than the next largest ship on the route, the St Clare.

Now, the UK Chamber of Shipping highlights the urgency of a new Green Industrial Revolution in the UK to move towards a greener and cleaner economy.

Bob Sanguinetti, Chief Executive of the UK Chamber of Shipping, during his visit, stated that

... I wanted to see for myself how this great ship was doing its bit to reduce carbon emissions. If shipping is to tackle climate change, we need to see greater use of hybrid technology and I want to see more hybrid ferries being developed and used across the UK and the wider world.

The hybrid goals are in line with the UK's Maritime 2050 strategy and Clean Maritime Plan, presenting their vision for collaboration along with the government to onnovate and develop additional technologies.

Chief Executive of Wightlink Keith Greenfield added

We at Wightlink are proud to have England’s first hybrid energy ferry in our fleet. Victoria of Wight is key to our commitment to reduce emissions but also gives our customers a quieter and more comfortable journey across the Solent. We are delighted with our new flagship and she is already proving popular with islanders and visitors to the Isle of Wight.

Concluding, the UK Chamber of Shipping is a believer of investing in skills, research, innovation and infrastructure to take advantage of the future clean growth economy.