Due to the challenges of managing any confirmed case of COVID-19 on an offshore installation, OGUK's policy is to have restrictions on workers travelling to offshore installations.

Specifically, industry policy is that personnel will not be permitted to travel offshore if:

They have traveled from or transited through affected countries in the last 14 days, or since dates defined on the UK government’s list of affected areas.

This includes both Category 1 and Category 2 areas.

  • If they have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • If they have experienced symptoms of cough, fever, and shortness of breath.

Oil and gas industry travel restrictions apply to fixed and mobile offshore installations. It is not intended to apply to vessels involved in the offshore oil and gas industry.

This may mean significant changes to the way we work and socialise, and most importantly the way we individually act to minimise the spread of infection

OGUK said.