Indeed, the sole objective of TSIB’s investigations is the prevention of further accidents and incidents; they are not for the purposes of apportioning blame or liability. Countries such as Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and United States have similar set-ups.

Since its formation in 2002, the AAIB has conducted and participated in investigations of various air accidents and incidents, and has contributed to improving the safety of air travel in Singapore. TSIB will continue and build on the good work of the AAIB.

The TSIB will take over from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) the role of conducting independent safety investigations into marine accidents and incidents, and make recommendations to enhance the safety of sea transport. MPA will continue to investigate marine accidents and incidents for compliance with its regulations for ships operating within Singapore waters and ships under the Singapore flag.

Further details my be found by reading the circular below

MPA circular cover

Source: MPA Singapore