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Union of Greek Shipowners welcomes MSC 101 results

The Union of Greek Ship Owners applauds MSC’s 101 decision on adopting an action plan for mandatory measures to enhance the safety of ships relating to the use of fuel oil, recommending as a matter of urgency governments to take action against oil fuel suppliers in confirmed cases of deliveries of fuel oil that does not comply with the minimum flashpoint as required by the SOLAS Convention. 

Shipping experts discuss decarbonisation and technology

During ABS’ event in Athens, representatives from the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Chevron Shipping Company and Clarkson Research Services, gathered to discuss the role technology plays in the shipping industry and the path to IMO 2050.

Greek, Hong Kong shipowners reinstate commitment to 2020 sulphur cap

The Union of Greek Shipowners and the Hong Kong Shipowners Association met in Hong Kong to discuss the results of MEPC 74 and the ongoing issues, as well as how the industry can best contribute to successful developments. The two associations said that they remain fully committed to the UN IMO decisions.

Union of Greek Shipowners applauds progress made at MEPC 74

The Union of Greek Shipowners applauds the progress made by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 74) of the United Nations International Maritime Organization (UN IMO) with regard to the issues related to the challenges stemming from the implementation of the new 0.5% sulphur limit on marine fuels.

Union of Greek Shipowners: All stakeholders to take on responsibility at MEPC 74

As UN IMO Marine Environment and protection Committee 74 (MEPC 74) meeting is taking place this week, the Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) calls all stakeholders to take on responsibility and contribute to global policy making and commit to reaching attainable, workable and sustainable solutions to the problems related to the 2020 global sulphur cap in marine fuels and the issue of the GHG emissions reduction from ships.

Greek shipowners agree to pay €75 million annually to state

Following information that the Greek shipowners reached an agreement with their government to change the way they are taxed, the prime minister’s office now announced that the Greek shipowners have agreed to pay at least 75 million euros annually to the state budget under the deal.

Greek Shipowners advise IMO to ensure future-fuel compatibility

London-based Greek shipowners have urged the IMO to bring together oil companies, marine equipment makers and classification societies to guarantee fuels created to comply with 2020 environmental rules do not damage engines and cause accidents. 

Greek Shipowners, Danish Shipping reiterate unity for a free trade

The Union of Greek Shipowners welcomed to its premises the Board of Directors of Danish Shipping, in the context of the bilateral meetings of the two national shipowners’ associations. The meeting reaffirmed the industry stands united in support of the principles of free trade.

Greek Shipowners: IMO 2020 guidance needs to address better sulphur cap issues

The Union of Greek Shipowners announced that it remains committed to the successful implementation of the 2020 sulphur cap. However, President of the UGS, Theodore Veniamis stated that the union cannot unsee the uncertainties regarding the availability and supply of MARPOL compliant fuels which are also SOLAS compliant.

Greek shipowners express their support after deadly fire near Athens

The Union of Greek Shipowners expressed their deep condolences for the victims’ families on the aftermath of the deadly wildfire that hit coastal regions of Athens. President Theodoros Veniamis announced they will examine the most effective means to support the people who lost everything on the disaster. 

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