Monday, June 14, 2021

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Greece leads global merchant fleet

The Union of Greek Shipowners released its annual report for 2017-2018, noting that Greece remains the leader during 2018, as it controls 20% of the global fleet in dwt tonnage. Greece owns a 30% share of tankers and 22% of bulk carriers, indicating that Greece accounts for almost 50% of the EU's fleet capacity in dwt terms.

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Union of Greek Shipowners Press Conference at Posidonia 2012

At the press conference in the venue of the Posidonia International Exhibition, on Friday 8th June, the UGS President, Mr. T. Veniamis, stated the following:Greek shipping endures and makes progress. Despite the deep financial crisis of the entire planet and especially Greece, Greek shipping remains at the top of the international league, closely connected with its national basis, with a fleet of 3,325 vessels, a total tonnage of 227 million dwt and average age of 10,5 years."You may know," Mr. Veniamis stated, "that my compatriot shipowners on my island, Chios, used to say that the sea gets sick but never dies. We fully share this belief and we try to follow their task. Of course, the overall environment has changed. The circumstances at sea are completely different today, compared to past years. Sometimes they may be better but in many cases, they are adverse and complicated, demanding faith, strength and hard effort. Globalization and its side-effects, the galloping development of marine technology, the exaggerated and not always disinterested measures at central and regional level, disturbing the smooth operation of vessels, the financial and lending illiquidity, the effects of the economic crisis on the freight market but also the scourge of ...

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