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Wind power technology for ships saves fuel

  Norsepower Oy Ltd. and Bore Ltd announced the successful sea trial of Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution, a new wind propulsion technology for ships. The sea trials, verified by NAPA and supported by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, confirm fuel savings of 2.6% using a single small Rotor Sail on a route in the North Sea. With these fuel savings, the technology has a payback period of 4 years. Based on the trials, Norsepower and Bore believe that a full system on Estraden with two rotors has the potential to deliver 5% efficiency savings on an ongoing basis. Norsepower forecasts savings of 20% for vessels with multiple, large rotors traveling in favourable wind routes. The Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution was installed on the 9,700 DWT Ro-Ro carrier MS Estraden. Owned by Bore, the leading Finnish Ro-Ro Shipping Company, MS Estraden operates in a continuous service between the Netherlands and the UK, sailing through the North Sea’s windy corridors at speeds of 16 knots. “The successful trials of our wind technology are a ground-breaking moment not only for Norsepower, and also the wider development of wind propulsion technology for shipping. The results suggest that when Norsepower’s technology is implemented at ...

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NAPA, DSME offer solution for LNG Carriers

  South Korean shipbuilder, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and NAPA, announced that they now offer a tailored NAPA-DSME Power solution for LNG carriers built by DSME. The specialist solution will ensure transparent and accurate measurement of performance and efficiency aboard LNG carriers, including measurement of boil-off to provide a full 360° view of the operation of these vessels. DSME has been working with NAPA to provide fuel saving optimisation software to the international shipping industry since 2011. As the world’s leading shipyard for LNG carriers, with an annual production capacity of 14 vessels, it is essential to provide a tool for these key customers. LNG carriers have a unique operational profile, complicated by the ability to use boil-off from the cargo as fuel. The new NAPA-DSME Power® tool will help to achieve balance between the interests of the ship operator and the cargo owner on performance and efficiency, reporting information clearly and transparently to owner, operator and chartering cargo owner. Odin Kwon, Vice President, Head of Basic Design team, DSME commented: “NAPA-DSME Power® is integral to our Green Ship concept and we are pleased that a solution has been developed to extend this offering to our LNG customers. ...

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ClassNK-NAPA GREEN software installed on LNG carriers

  NAPA and ClassNK,  announced that they have begun installation of new performance monitoring software on an Asian LNG carrier’s fleet. The new ClassNK-NAPA GREEN system has been installed in to work in conjunction with NAPA’s Gas Tanker Loading Computer, a loading support product established for more than a decade ago, to provide a full 360°view of the operation of these vessels. LNG Carriers have a unique operational profile, complicated by the ability to use wastage, or boil-off, from the cargo as fuel for the transit. This puts vessel crews in the centre of a delicate balance between the interests of the ship operator and the cargo owner when reporting performance and efficiency. To help square this circle, ClassNK and NAPA have developed a specialist ClassNK-NAPA GREEN solution for LNG carriers that ensures transparent and accurate measurement of performance and efficiency, including measurement of boil-off. The measurements are easy to interpret onboard by crew, as well as being remotely and automatically shared with shore-based reporting systems – delivering vital data that can be passed between owner, operator and chartering cargo owner. As with other ClassNK-NAPA GREEN solutions, the LNG-specific software also provides effective and actionable analytics around fuel consumption, trim, ...

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Evergreen Line installs ClassNK-NAPA GREEN on container vessels

From left to right: Chairman and President Noboru Ueda from ClassNK, President Mong-Jye Lee from Evergreen Marine Corp. and President Juha Heikinheimo from NAPA Group at the signing ceremony in Taipei Evergreen Line has commenced installation of ClassNK-NAPA GREEN software on chartered container vessels. At the conclusion of a highly competitive tender process, ClassNK-NAPA GREEN software - developed by NAPA and ClassNK - was chosen to provide a total solution for planning, monitoring and optimising ship operations. Enabling greater understanding of the operation of its chartered fleet to improve efficiency is the key driver behind the adoption of ClassNK-NAPA GREEN. Using the system, shore-based management teams are able to monitor, record and analyse data from chartered vessels in real time. Noboru Ueda, Chairman & President, ClassNK commented:  “When we began developing ClassNK-NAPA GREEN with NAPA we saw that there was a need for new tools to help owners and operators better monitor and optimize the efficiency of vessel operations. Now just a few years later, we are excited that many of the world’s leading shipping companies are choosing to implement ClassNK-NAPA GREEN across both their owned and chartered fleets. We have had a long relationship with Evergreen, and we can ...

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