The goal of IoS-OP is to create a digital maritime cluster, by decreasing the costs of data ownership and portability of owners and operators, and in the meantime enable yards and manufacturers to have access to a data pool, that will act as the base of additional innovation and research.


NAPA aims to present to shipping stakeholders with vessel performance analysis, according to the information supplied, which will be even possible from simple noon reports through to data drawn from a vessel’s Automatic Identification System (AIS).

In addition, Naoki Mizutani, Managing Director, NAPA Japan, commented that collecting data on its own doesn’t add value unless you can turn it into insight.

How are we going to dramatically reduce emissions and stay profitable? How can we keep making ships that perform better, and safer? To answer these questions collaboration is key. Being able to draw on data from the whole IoS-OP consortium means we can get better results, and maximise the benefit we provide to the whole community.

Concluding,the IoS-OP consortium was launched in June 2018 by ShipDC, a ship data centre that aims to establish a platform to use data collected from vessel operation.