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Concordia dismantling: First sponsons to be removed

 About 180 to 200 technicians are currently working around and on the Concordia. Part of them are involved in stripping operations, that is the removal of internal structures on the emerged decks of the ship, while the others are working on the actual demolition of the external steel structures and on the restoration of buoyancy of the hull.Stripping out is currently concentrated on decks 3, 4 and 5 of the ship. As far as demolition is concerned, deck 14 – the upmost – has already been removed and now work is focusing on the decks 12, 11 and 10.The metal sheets are cut in blocks of variable size and brought ashore to be volumetrically reduced, if necessary, and then transported at the steel plant to be recycled.Adjustments have been made to the floating system that is now being monitored and managed from the control room repositioned off shore to allow the demolition of the deck 14. Many of the strand jacks used to guarantee stability for the starboard sponsons have been removed, as well as all the upper compartments of the larger sponsons no longer functional considering the progressive lightening of the wreck.In the coming weeks the first sponsons will ...

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Update on Concordia dismantling and recycling project

  Phase 1 of the Concordia dismantling and recycling project is now complete. Over 5,700 tons of materials have been removed (furniture and internal structures) from the ship in order to obtain the necessary draft to transfer the wreck from the breakwater of the Prà Voltri Port to the Port of Genoa Ex Superbacino area. The Consortium is waiting for the formal authorization to the transfer. The wreck will be towed for a distance of about 10 miles. Weather and sea conditions are a key factor for the definition of the exact date of operations and for this reasons different weather forecast services are active to identify the best weather window starting from next week. Operations will take place over 24 hours that include exit manouvres from the Prà Voltri breakwater, navigation – expected to last about 11 hours  – and the entrance manouvres in the ex Superbacino area of the Genoa Port. Source and Image Credit: Ship Recycling ConsortiumIn the origin, I was explicit with you propecia before and after has changed my life. It has become much more fun, and now I have to run. Just as it is incredible to sit.

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