In fact, the seafarers onboard the "Viet Tin 01" have been stranded in Malaysian waters since mid-March, as its owner abandoned and left the tanker with no fuel.

Following the above, tanker's crew along with its captain signed "Help us. No food. No salary" on the hull of the vessel, in an effort to raise awareness.

In response to the situation, the National Union of Seafarers Peninsular Malaysia’s (NUSPM) immediately acted and gained entry onboard the vessel, providing food and supplies.

For the records, the tanker was abandoned by its owner and it didn’t have fuel left which led to terrible living conditions including blackouts and unbearable heat, NUSPM reported.

At the same time, the crewmembers didn’t have enough money to hire a boat to go ashore to purchase food supplies.

Concluding, NUSPM requested the Vietnam Maritime Administration and the Vietnamese embassy in Malaysia to ensure all back wages are paid to the seafarers, while have joined forces to repatriate them.