Voluntary Ship Speed Reduction Incentive

According to South Korea a speed reduction incentive is being offered on a voluntary compliance basis to certain types of ships calling at the following ports:

  • Busan;
  • Ulsan;
  • Yeosu;
  • Gwangyang;
  • Incheon.

The incentive aspires to achieve significant reductions in the concentration of fine particles being emitted from ships by offering discounts in port dues for every participating ship when operating in the captioned areas at reduced speed.


Currently, the following types of ships of more than 3000 tons can register to take part in the voluntary scheme:

  • Container ships;
  • Car Carriers;
  • Crude/Chemical/LNG tankers;
  • General cargo ships.

New Regional Emission Control Area

In addition, it was announced that a new mandatory regional Emission Control Area (ECA) will be established around the following ports along the Korean coast with an effective date of 01 September 2020:

  • Incheon;
  • Pyeongtaek & Dangjin;
  • Yeosu & Gwangyang;
  • Busan;
  • Ulsan.

All ships anchored or at a berth in the above locations must consume fuel oil with sulphur content of not more than 0.10% m/m, or use approved equivalent arrangements, from 01 September 2020.

Compliance shall be demonstrated within 1 hour upon arrival at the berth or anchoring and until 1 hour before departure from berth or anchorage.

From 01 January 2022 all ships on all voyages within the above locations shall consume fuel oil with Sulphur content of not more than 0.10% m/m, or use approved equivalent arrangements, at all times

BMA states.

MARPOL Requirements

What is more, operators should consider that these requirements are applicable at the same time with the 2020 sulphur cap.