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South Korea issues ECA and vessel speed reduction programme

Brittania P&I Club reminds of the South Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (“MOF”) announcement about an air quality control programme that defines selected South Korean ports and areas as Emission Control Areas (ECA). 

Regional sulphur emission limits at a glance

Recent attention has been focused on the reduction of the global sulphur cap from 3.50% to 0.50% – but don’t forget there are lower sulphur level requirements in designated MARPOL emission control areas and areas defined by regional governmental entities.

South Korea introduces speed limits and ECAs for ships

In line with the stricter environmental regulations applied in 2020, South Korea has introduced domestically new environmental laws applying voluntary speed limits for ships and emission control areas, according to data provided by North P&I Club.

Taiwan fines ships for violating ECAs

Taiwan fined four ships NT$ 100,000 each, which is around USD$ 3,300, for violating the new emissions control area (ECA) regulations, according to local media citing a note from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Shipping calls for fast finalization of MedECA

The European Network calls the decision makers to fasten their process on officializing a Mediterranean ECA, commenting that the plan for the designation of a MedECA that was discussed during the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan meeting “is by far not ambitious enough in timing and scope.”

Scrubber notifications in ECAs established within the US

The Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance issued CG-CVC Policy Letter 12-04 in 2012 asking for correspondence from flag administrations regarding equivalencies for exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) under MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 4.

China imposes penalties for breaching ECA low-sulphur fuel requirement

The UK Club informed that it has received an update from Oasis P&I Services Company Ltd., regarding breach of low-sulphur fuel requirements in ECA in China. Recently, local MSA offices strengthened supervision and inspection, imposing penalties on ships which were found to violating these requirements. 

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