Reference is made to registration process under the new Sea Cargo Manifest Regulations (SCMTR). Initially, registration of only Authorized Sea Carriers (ASC) like Shipping Lines/Agents was operationalized. Over the last few months, registrations of all other stakeholders have also been applied.

While some stakeholders have registered successfully on ICEGATE, many are yet to do it. In this context, the date of implementation of the new regulations have been fixed as 16th of February, 2020.

Therefore, many of the new messages would be available for testing from the 15th of January. In the interim phase until 15th February, the stakeholders would be required to send the messages/manifests in the new format as well in addition to the existing formats. This would be the testing phase to make sure that the complete switch-over to the new formats in February is smooth.

If the same entity is executing different roles, they have to apply separately for each of those entity types to be able to file the respective messages.

Since this is a new registration process even for the stakeholders, queries should be raised only if necessary. By the end of this month, option to amend the registrations would also be made available to the stakeholders on ICEGATE

SCMTR concluded.

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"Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR)"