Mainly, AutoMoor decreases the motions a vessel can make and monitors all mooring loads acting on the vessel at berth, with the use of a vacuum technology that attaches and secures the vessel.

Also, the system provides real-time data to the operator and optimizes day-to-day port and terminal operations. It also minimizes personnel involvement to reduce human error and improve safety.


The system was developed specifically for the port of Langnas.

It has two mooring arms that either operate in synch or independently. This will enable the port to be able to accommodate a variety of vessels.

The AutoMoor T40 Twin Arm also has a compact footprint allowing for installation in limited spaces including between gantry rails and the wharf edge.

Ronny Eriksson, CEO at the Port of Langnas noted that the port's international cruise ferry berth alone can accommodate about 3.000 vessel moorings, annually.

The majority of those accommodated are advanced cruise ferries with a range of sizes from 34.000GT to 66.000GT and between 165 to 230 meters in length.

Concluding, the CEO stated that both berths had to be updated in order to be able to be in line with the mooring system.