Baltic Sea

Improper lookout leads to two vessels’ collision

The Swedish Club issued its 2020 Navigational Claims issue, focusing on a collision between two vessels, resulting to the fact that the lookout of the responsible seafarers at the time of the incident was improper, highlighting that the OOW is always responsible for reporting of any targets observed.

Port of Riga and Corrientes signed agreement to enhance ports’ facilities

A Protocol of Agreement was inked several days ago between Freeport of Riga and province of Corrientes, in order to boost and expand both of the ports’ facilities. Through this agreement, the two sides aim to find ways to develop their bilateral trade and to enhance Argentinian produce exports via the Port of Riga.

New study maps out routes to emission-​free shipping

On behalf of German ship operator Reederei Nord, a team from ETH Zurich investigated shipping activities in the North and Baltic Seas as well as the infrastructure, costs of new fuels and storage options, in a bid to map out “routes” towards emission-​free shipping.

Leaking RoRo shipwreck off Sweden to be emptied of oil

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (HaV) announced it will empty oil from the ‘Finnbirch’ shipwreck, which has been leaking oil for over a year, off Öland, posing an environmental risk for local ecosystems of the Baltic Sea. 

Baltic Ports Organization joins World Ports Sustainability Program

The Baltic Ports Organization entered the World Ports Sustainability Program, after the signing of the WPSP declaration by Mr Bogdan Ołdakowski, BPO Secretary General. The Program aims to improve and coordinate future sustainability efforts of ports worldwide.

Watch: Researchers find intact 500-year-old shipwreck

Using advanced underwater robotics, an international team of scientists has revealed the remains of an intact shipwreck from the Early Modern Period (late 15th – early 16th century) in the Baltic Sea. The project comes as a result of the ongoing partnership between MMT and the University of Southampton.

Lithuania to establish foundations for wind power in Baltic Sea

In order to achieve Lithuania’s strategic renewable energy targets and exploit the possibility of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea to this end, scientists from Klaipėda University commissioned by the Ministry of Energy performed a comprehensive analysis of offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea.

Containerships welcomes second LNG-fueled vessel

Hamburg-based Containerships, a subsidiary of the French CMA CGM, announced it took delivery of its second LNG-powered ship, ‘Containerships Polar’, to operate in Northern Europe. The ship will be phased into the redesigned BALT 2 service in the Port of Rotterdam on 23 June.


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