Transport Malta investigation: Fire on RoRo linked to accidental fuel spill

Transport Malta issued an investigation report on the engine-room fire onboard the Maltese-registered RoRo cargo vessel Eurocargo Trieste, following departure from the port of Livorno in November 2019. The investigation identified an accidental fuel spill onto a hot surface, as the most likely cause of the incident. 

Norwegian partners to develop autonomous zero emission Ro-Ro vessels

Norwegian Kongsberg Maritime and Massterly -a joint venture between Kongsberg and Wilhelmsen- have signed with the Norwegian grocery distributor ASKO to equip two new vessels with autonomous technology, and to manage their operations at sea. The fully electric ships will replace 2 million km of truck transport, saving 5,000 tonnes of CO2 every year.

Port Canaveral launches vehicle processing facility

The Port Canaveral opened its vehicle processing facility, welcoming 730 new vehicles aboard th, 653-foot-long vessel Wisteria Ace, the first vehicle carrier to call at the Port’s facility. The new automobiles were discharged at the Port’s 16-acre auto processing facility located alongside South Cargo Pier 4.

UECC to start three-month biofuel trials

The European ro-ro operator UECC along with the marine biofuel company GoodFuels will collaborate in order to trial the use of marine biofuel upon ro-ro vessels. In fact, the three-month trial will test 3.000 metric tons of Bio-Fuel Oil (MR1-100) onboard the M/V Autosky vessel carrier.

Ro-ro vessel hit by fire off Port of Santa Cruz

On 22 February, the ro-ro cargo vessel called “Volcán de Teneguía” reported a fire incident onboard, after leaving Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands. In fact, the freight ship was loaded with vehicles and other cargo so as to deliver them to its final destination, Port of Cadiz, Spain.

World’s largest LNG RoRo completes ice testing

Wallenius Marine in order to complete the design of the world’s largest LNG RoRo vessel with ice class 1A Super, conducted some ice testing operations using a seven meter long ship model, in Helsinki. 

EU project LASH FIRE aims to improve Ro-Ro ship fire safety

The European Commission announced investment of EUR 12 million to address maritime fire safety challenge for Ro-Ro ships. Project partners from 13 EU Member States investigate cost-efficient measures to mitigate this international shipping challenge. 

Do you know how many types of ships exist?

There is a wide range of different vessels. The international dry cargo and tanker markets are immense and are served by numerous ships of several types and of various sizes. Some of them follow standard designs and can carry a variety of cargoes while others are more specialized and able to carry commodities which the standard vessels cannot. According to the UNCTAD, in early 2019 the total world fleet stood at 95,402 ships accounting for 1.97 billion dead-weight tons (dwt) of capacity.

Ro-Ro cargo ship that caught fire off Tuscany seized

After the Ro-Ro cargo ship ‘Eurocargo Trieste’ caught fire off Tuscany, on November the 21st, an inspection took place by technicians of the Harbour Office, to investigate the incident. The inspection found various anomalies, and the vessels was seized in Livorno on November 23rd.

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