Currently, the released crew are in a hospital in Cameroon, while they are expected to be repatriated soon, according to data provided by the Greek Ministry of Shipping.

The attack took place on December 31, at Limboh port in Cameroon. The attackers managed to kidnap 8 crew members out of which 5 of Greek nationality, two Filipinos and one Ukrainian.


During the piracy invasion, the 35-year old engineer of the vessel ended up injured by bullet deflection and returned in Greece on 7 January.

The attack came after a similar incident involving the Greek-flagged tanker "Elka Aristotle". The crew, consisting of one Greek national, one Georgian and two Philippine nationals, was freed some weeks later, but one crew died due to illness.

The Union of Greek shipowners has been firmly condemning piracy and attacks in support of a free and safe shipping industry, highlighting the importance of seafarers' safe and wellness onboard.

Overall, West Africa, and most importantly Gulf of Guinea, remains a hot spot for piracy attacks; Taking into consideration IMB's latest report, the Gulf accounts for the 86% of crew taken hostage and nearly 82% of crew kidnappings globally.