Specifically, the Union noted that the recent incidents have taken an alarming turn for the safety not only of the seafarers but also for the whole, international shipping industry, as this kind of attacks indicate that trade through the region may be dangerous and challenging, as well as lead to disruption of operations.

Also, the Union referred to the most recent event when pirates boarded a Greek-flagged tanker and took hostage 4 crewmembers, including one Greek national, one Georgian and two Philippine nationals.

Accordingly, the Union commented

The recent abduction of crew members of a merchant ship flying the Greek flag, including a Greek seafarer, is strongly condemned and the UGS expresses its deep regret and sympathy to the seafarers’ families and looks forward to their immediate release.

The last months there have been a number of piracy attacks on merchant ships in this sensitive area of ​​the world. Therefore, the shipping industry has called on the international community to take appropriate measures to protect seafarers and the maritime trade.

Concluding, the Union highlights all stakeholders involved should set the solution of piracy as a top priority and as an urgent need for the substantial and effective response to such illegal incidents as well as the suppression of this unacceptable situation.