Specifically, partners will research and develop both technical and operational key aspects for the introduction of ammonia as a marine fuel for tugboats.

For the records, this is not the first time that the companies collaborate. In fact, the companies worked together to jointly develop the LNG-fueled tugboat Sakigake, which was built in 2015 as Japan's first ship fueled by LNG.

In fiscal 2020 we will tackle themes such as technological development of the hull, engine, and fuel supply system, and development of safety navigation methods. After evaluating the practicality of the R&D results, we will begin study of the construction of the ammonia-fueled tugboat and the plan for construction.

...the companies said in a press release.

Responsible for the research and design of hull and fuel supply system will be NYK Line.

At the same time, IHI Power Systems will research and design the engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment devices.

While, ClassNK from its side, will set a safety assessment of the ammonia-fueled tugboat.

The introduction of ammonia as a marine fuel is highly expected to be a practical solution for decarbonization in the shipping sector. This joint R&D envisions the implementation of ammonia marine fuel in tugboats that require high output, and we will firmly establish the technical and operational requirements for that purpose.

...the companies concluded.