Through Vladimir Putin's briefing, the CEO reported that in a month the company has scheduled to launch a medium-scale LNG plant mostly for bunkering purposes.

He continued stating that despite the first line, in 2019 the company will decide on two additional lines for another 1.2 million tonnes.

As Leonid Mikhelson quoted

Bunkering services are gaining momentum in the Baltic, so I think that there will be demand for these services.

Moreover, NOVATEK started implementing their second project, Arctic LNG-2, with a capacity of 19.8 million tonnes. It involves placing over 1 trillion rubles’ worth of contracts with Russian companies.

The project concerning the construction of a terminal, storage and shipment of LNG at the port of Vysotsk is allegedly the largest one in the North-Western Region of Russia.

The 660.000 tonneds of LNG that will be produced annually, will be amongst the largest plants in Europe. Finland and Baltic states will be the key sales markets.


Concluding, the project will also consist of a construction of an offshoot pipeline from the main gas pipeline via Vyborg to the border (Leningrad-Vyborg-Gosgranitsa).