Specifically, the Government of the Netherlands (Rijksoverheid) launched the campaign 'First check, then click', aiming to alert people to be protected against phishing and other forms of internet attacks. The campaign focuses on raising awareness against phishing, while also provides information concerning safe use of the Internet.

The Government highlights

If you end up on a phishing website, you can report the website via google safe browsing. In this way you help other internet users against internet crime and you contribute to cyber security.

In the meantime, Be Cyber Aware at Sea has already warned users on cyber attacks, as many are the incidents where cyber attackers aim to 'steal' private or sensitive information from the users. Pop-ups, emails and websites are commonly known for asking sensitive information.

Generally, when receiving an uncommon email, one should better check for the email address and track the user in order to understand whether its an official source or not.

Concluding, having an easy password is always a threat; Keeping in mind that surfing the Internet has many more threats than one thinks, simple passwords are vulnerable to cyber attacks, as they can be easily unlocked.

For the campaign click here.