Many are the incidents concerning cyber attacks that have caused major companies and organisations to be affected and shut down operations for a specific amount of time.

It is generally supported that the human factor is most of the times the 'one to blame' as the personnel on shore or ashore are not trained enough to be aware of the dangers.

In this video, Be cyber aware presents the possibility of surfing the Internet and facing threats. In other words, when you see a notification of 'Warning' it's best if you click the option 'close'.

Therefore, before clicking a notification that seems luring, one should better think of the consequences.

Concerning, the pop-ups and emails, the Initiative launched a video focusing on phishy emails that request personal data.

The Initiative recommends that when receiving an uncommon email, one should better check for the email address and track the user in order to understand whether its an official source or not.

After the research, the receiver will be able to understand how to handle the phishy situation and how to proceed.

Concluding, some features of a phishy email are:

  1. Not a legitimate email address;
  2. Bad language;
  3. Low resolution image.