The Committee nominated Maritime Administration of Bulgaria to act as campaign co-ordinator.

Additionally, the Committee considered possible topics for future CICs and agreed to carry out a CIC on Stability in General in 2020. The Maritime Administration of Romania was nominated to act as campaign co-ordinator.

This came as members also discussed the report of the CIC on MARPOL Annex VI, which was carried out in September to November of 2018.

Although the results showed a good level of compliance, the objective of the Campaign on the MARPOL Annex VI aimed at checking the level of compliance with the requirements of MARPOL Annex VI within the shipping industry and to create awareness amongst ships’ crew and ship owners with regard to the importance of compliance with the provisions of MARPOL Annex VI and the prevention of air pollution.

Among others, the meeting considered and approved a number of revised guidelines for PSC Officers; including guidelines on the ECDIS, guidelines on the MLC, guidelines on BWM and guidelines Hours of Work or Rest and Fitness for duty.

Furthermore, the Committee considered the "non-rectified deficiencies" issue and it was noted that the experts should be instructed by the member States to ensure that the outstanding deficiencies are closed before inspection and in case the deficiencies could not be closed, they should be recorded in the new audit report.

The Committee considered BS MOU and Members performance analysis using regional MoUs BGW list and targeting system data presented in the respective annual reports. The Committee agreed further global analysis of the performance of the member States ship fleet using inspection and detention data of the PSC regimes.

Finally, the Committee agreed to accept the Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Moldova as an observers of the Black Sea MoU.

The meeting was chaired by Captain Dmytro PETRENKO - Head of the Maritime Administration of the Ukraine.