SATAKE designed and developed "Viable Organism Analyzer (VOA1000)", which can detect number of viable organisms in the ballast water, based on ballast water discharge standard of the Ballast Water Management Convention, which will enter into force in Sep 8th, 2017. SATAKE's test method "Pulse counting FDA" has been approved the guidance on ballast water sampling and analysis for trial use, in accordance with the BWM Convention and Guidelines (G2) by IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), 68th session in May 2015.

The analyzer can estimate the number of both Large size (Minimum diameter ≧ 50 um) and Small size (Minimum diameter 10 um ≦ x < 50 um) in one unit. It has high correlation for detecting 1 individual organism at 100ml. SATAKE received "Statement of Fact" by Class NK to evaluate the performance of analyzer objectively.

In addition, MOL Engineering and SATAKE jointly developed a compact concentrator, called "Ballast Water Sample Concentrator", that allows quick and easy preparation for concentration of sample waters to be used for the inspection of organisms in ballast water. With using a concentrator, both Large and Small size samples can be sorted and collected. "Ballast Water Sample Concentrator" will also exhibit as a reference exhibit.

"Viable Organism Analyzer" takes about 30 minutes for measurement, includes stain time and is operated by touch panel. It needs 10 minutes to stain Large size organisms and 30 minutes to stain Small size organisms by using FDA reagent for the preparation. "Viable Organism Analyzer" and "Ballast Water Sample Concentrator" can be used backpack to carry onboard.

Caption: MOL