As the company stated MarineTraffic is realising a vision to change the way in which the maritime industry operates.

MarineTraffic works with  a number of operators but it is also looking at tie-ups and commercial investments with operators who are building services based on multiple streams of data, offering support in kind to numerous companies.

Furthermore, MarineTraffic tries to provide digital space, in order for companies to conduct their business and is supporting them to various projects.

Using API data exchange, a third party can build its own system incorporating MarineTraffic data.

Additionally, MarineTrraffic wants to expand to the leisure domain. As the company states, AIS is not mandatory, however it is widely uses by leisure shippers. 

Under this scheme, MarineTraffic launched a mobile application last year, OnCourse, which allows operators to report the position of their vessels, with any device incorporating GPS being able report the position of a ship.

However, the full potential of AIS for leisure industry has not yet been unveiled, MarineTraffic mentioned.

Albeit a large number of leisure craft reported their position to the company, there are many vessels that haven't used AIS as yet.

MarineTraffic, which provides real-time information on the movements of ships and the current location of ships in harbours and ports, is one of the short-listed nominees for the 2018 SMART4SEA E-Navigation Award. The 2018 SMART4SEA Awards will be announced on Tuesday night of 30th January, following an online voting process which has already started at