Nowadays, we are facing the challenge of how to manage and operate smart ships with the same people onboard and ashore having better results. Therefore, we need to identify the appropriate technology and software to eliminate any kind of possible error. Now that ships are collecting information mainly from sensors, from machinery and bridge control equipment, weather, activities onboard etc, they have been transferred to other kind of vessels which send back the information to database onshore. The internet has become available worldwide, amazing volumes of information are getting transferred and this kind of information (structured or unstructured) is creating a lot of hassle in terms of interpreting and associating. The challenge now is to create corporate systems that can actually harness the information, associate the information and create value out of it. Value that comes in terms of gages graphs or even geolocation type of points.

 The key is to have situation awareness, the so-called Now Casting. To know what’s going on holistically, 3600 around in order to do that, we are using what-if scenarios for forecasting and we are leveraging on post information, called Post Casting. In other words, action needs to be taken based on particular type of scenarios for three types of stakeholders: crew onboard, office associates, partners. ‘360 Situations Awareness and Forecasting’ requires actions in 3 types of domains: Effectiveness, Statutory Compliance and Risk. This is an endless process of workflows scenarios that they actually require correct management, either automatically or manually. The workflows are being executed by stakeholders which are users of the same system.

DANAOS addresses these challenges using the following three systems:

  • Waves (recently awarded the Lloyds big data as a business intelligent system),
  • The rule compliance system with the regulatory compliance and workflow system and
  • The DANAOSONE collaboration platform.

 Regarding waves, the most important thing is to create a clean sheet data; to create a data warehouse where information is homogeneous and the data integrity is very important. In this kind of situation, we analyze the information; we associate the data and create sensible type of domains within these types of business, giving to the user correct insights. Consequently, KPIs in terms of situation awareness, can detect anomalies and we can evaluate the plan to prevent reaction. This kind of information can be used in the future for all kind of forecasting what-if scenarios.

Waves Fleet Performance System records and optimizes the fleet utilization by proposing the best speed and route for better financial and environmental results. It also records vessel fuel consumption, verifies charter party compliance and evaluates hull, engine, and propeller efficiency. It offers the ultimate fleet “management dashboard” with ongoing voyage analysis, visualization of performance data, alerts for non-controlled risks like bad weather, piracy zones, stoppages, etc. Alarms are also being analyzed to identify causes and propose mitigation actions.

The following pictures depict indicative dashboards. They are personalized which means that the information contained is of different type of user. Picture 1 indicates how we can record the vessel fuel consumption. Picture 2 shows how we can produce KPI from technical condition and support the specialized analysis in terms of trim optimization lubricants consumption and so on.

 Emmanouilidis 1

Emmanouilidis 2

What is also really important is Statutory Compliance. All types of records on vessels they become electronic logs. They are electronic forms capturing the information onshore - this information can also can be input by users’ themselves.  Regulatory Compliance System enables Shipping Companies to enter corporate, statutory rules and regulations into a module which will check current vessel status as updated by the office and onboard by maintaining electronic forms populated with data from the system. The System will alert the office onboard and the executives in the office for any potential non-compliance WELL AHEAD of non-conformity. The user will see all ALERTS in a single window.

The DanaosONE™ system is a collaboration platform that disseminates information safely among trusted partners where they can have access via their mobile or the web.


Above article is an edited version of Mr Christos Emmanouilidis presentation during the 2016 SMART4SEA Forum

Please click here to view his video presentation

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