The terminal will be built in a new part of the harbor where Stena Oil will have exclusive access to a 300 meter-long quayside with 14 meters draft. This means that large vessels can load and discharge at the same time. The location means that bunkering vessels will travel shorter distances, which will reduce fuel consumption and emissions for every delivery.


The new terminal will be collecting slops (water used to clean oil tanks), leading to improved customer service. Several services can be conducted at the same time, reducing transportation and turnaround times. The boat that supplies fuel can carry slops back to the terminal where they are pumped into tanks and cleaned in an environment-friendly process.

The new terminal will also provide a base for Stena Oil's EMSA work. Under this collaboration, Stena Oil will provide ships and equipment for oil spill cleaning in Scandinavian waters. With equipment in Frederikshavn, Stena Oil can oil spills response will be quicker in Skagerrak.