Every 1 GW of offshore wind secures 14,600 jobs in Denmark, study finds

Every time one gigawatt of offshore wind is set up in Denmark, 14,600 full-time equivalent jobs are secured in Danish companies, a new study reveals. The report by Danish Shipping, Danish Energy and Wind Denmark studied what investments in offshore wind can create in terms of employment.

Denmark closes borders in efforts to mitigate COVID-19 escalation

The Danish Government is temporarily closing the country’s borders and is bringing military forces to help fight the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In light of Italy’s example, which remains the first country of Europe with the most confirmed cases and deaths as the live map shows, the Prime Minister said they have to do everything they can to ensure they “get through this situation in a different way.”

Denmark launches initiative for more women onboard

Denmark launched a new initiative in boosting women’s presence in the Danish maritime sector and supporting diversity, as Danish Shipping, reported that the first 14 companies will sign a charter that obliges them to actively focus on gender equality, called “Charter for more women in shipping”.

Denmark to build offshore wind artificial island

According to reports, Denmark is proceeding with its plans to construct an artificial island, acquiring power from offshore wind farms of up to 10 gigawatts of capacity, more than enough to supply all households, as part of efforts to meet ambitious climate change targets.

Port of Odense orders crane for giant offshore wind turbines

Denmark’s Lindø port of Odense recently placed an order for a mobile harbor crane with a lifting capacity of up to 308 tonnes and a lifting height of 96.7 meters above quay, as part of its efforts to cope with the huge offshore wind turbines of tomorrow.

Tips to address loneliness at sea

Loneliness is one of the key issues associated with mental health problems at sea. Separation from family creates a sense of loneliness and isolation for seafarers. A Danish study is currently looking into what can be done to improve the situation.

Ghana, Denmark cooperate to improve tugboat missions

A team of tugboat masters just finished a training programme in Denmark as part of a strategic sector cooperation between Denmark and Ghana. The training provided the tugboat masters with new tools on how to perform tugboat missions in the Port of Tema.


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