The system, produced by development company “Pai-R Co., Ltd.,” to vessels under the management of K Line in order to further strengthen management in our efforts to successfully achieve promotion of safe navigation.

As explained, an alcohol detector is connected to the smartphone to launch the dedicated application, then one blows into the detector.

The face photo of subject being tested is automatically taken and sent to the cloud on shore via satellite communication along with the test result.

This detection data is saved and managed by the shore server and can be accessed and confirmed by management on the vessel as well as in the shore office.

In case alcohol is detected, an alert e-mail will be sent to the registered e-mail address that will enable monitoring the alcohol test onboard the vessel in real time.

With introduction of this system, we expect to have the advantage in further enhancement of alcohol management and reduction in workload that will contribute to Work Style Reform onboard our vessels compared to previous alcohol test methods such as using simple alcohol detectors and managing the record of test results by ship’s crew,

…K Line explained.

The company said it will continue installing them from November 2019 with the target of having them installed in all of its managed vessels during first half of year 2020.

Any level of alcohol consumption by crew members onboard has implications for the safety of the vessel, the crew and any passengers. Even small quantities of alcohol have been shown to sufficiently impair seafarer’s fitness for duty and increase the risk of accidents.


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