Accordingly, the Foreign Minister quoted in paper Yedioth Ahronoth

It is an Israeli interest to stop Iranian entrenchment in the region and strengthen relationship with Gulf countries. Israel is part of the US-led coalition to protect trade routes in the Persian Gulf.

For the time being, the US coalition includes the UK and South Korea, whereas Australia and China are still considering their joining. In the meantime, Germany and France have already declined US's invitation, in light of potential escalation.

Regarding France, French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Agnès Von Der Mühll, commented that France will join the EU led mission on securing the Strait of Hormuz, as the purpose is to facilitate and assist vessels sailing through the strait. However, France declined the US's invitation stating that EU aims to defuse tension, while America has a different approach to the matter.


The tensions between US and Iran began when the former withdrew from participation in the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and re-imposed US nuclear-related sanctions. Following this event, the tensions peaked after a number of ship attacks in the Strait.

Here you can see a timeline of the events that followed.