Strait of Hormuz

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Iranian oil tanker allegedly hit by missiles off Saudi Arabia

An Iranian oil tanker was hit, allegedly by missiles, in the Red Sea, off Saudi Arabia’s coast on Friday, October 11, at around 5 am local time (02:00 GMT), as local Iranian media reported. Iranian media have published images from the vessel after the attack, but the vessel shows no signs of damage; Yet, the signs of the hull are not in the frame. 

Royal Navy accompanies 7M tonnes of shipping through Hormuz

The Royal Navy has successfully guided over seven million tonnes of British shipping, which is the equivalent of almost 20 wartime convoys, through the Strait of Hormuz since the start of its maritime security commission in July.

Iran seizes another ship for allegedly smuggling diesel fuel

Iran seized another vessel in the Gulf for allegedly smuggling 250,000 litres of diesel fuel to the United Arab Emirates, according to Iran’s semi-official Students News agency ISNA. The ship was detained near Iran’s Greater Tunb island in the Persian Gulf.

Royal Navy confirms stable situation in Strait of Hormuz

The presence of the UK warships in the Strait of Hormuz has stabilized the commercial shipping operations, following the tensions in the area after Iran seized a UK-flagged tanker in the region, a British navy official reported to Reuters.

Iran to release seven of Stena Impero’s crew

According to Stena Bulk, Iran will release seven of the 23 crew members of the Stena Impero that are held. However, the company has not yet received official confirmation of the release date. The rest of the crew will remain on board in order to safely operate the vessel.

Japan considers sending its own security in Strait of Hormuz

Japan recently announced that it will not follow US’s coalition into sending security vessels in the Strait of Hormuz, amid the tensions in the area. Yet, Yomiuri Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, reported that Japan is thinking of sending a destroyer to operate in nearby areas.

EU considers maritime security concept in Gulf of Guinea

On August 29, European Commission high representative for foreign affairs Federica Mogherini, informed that the EU is considering to establish the concept of a Coordinated Maritime Presences in certain areas of strategic interest to the European Union. 

ITF concerned over US threat to deny visas for crews working on vessels carrying Iranian oil

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) announced that it has serious concerns regarding the lack of understanding shown by many governments in relation to international shipping and the role played by seafarers. In a recent message from the US State Department to the maritime industry, it informs that it will invoke anti-terrorism legislation to deny seafarers a US visa if they work on board a vessel carrying Iranian oil.

Iran claims that it sold oil from released tanker

Iran claims that it has sold the oil from the tanker Adrian Darya, that was released by Gibraltar after weeks in the custody of British Royal Marines, according to IRIB news agency, which quoted an Iranian government spokesman. Iran did not identify the recipient of the oil carried by the Adrian Darya tanker. He added that the owner and purchaser of this oil will now decide the destination of the cargo.

Australia takes part in maritime security construct to protect ships in Strait of Hormuz

The Australian Government is reaffirming its commitment to freedom of navigation and safe passage through the Strait of Hormuz, by announcing it will support an international maritime security mission. This mission will see the Australian Defence Force work alongside its international partners to ensure the security of merchant vessels in the Strait of Hormuz.


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