Tanker carrying Iranian gasoline arrives in NY

According to U.S. Customs data, the first of two tankers carrying cargoes of Iranian gasoline seized by the United States, discharged in New York on 29th September 2020, ending a three-month journey.

Iran helps Venezuela export its crude

After defying U.S. sanctions by shipping a cargo of oil condensate to Venezuela last week, Iran is now using the same ship to help Venezuela export its crude.

Seven ships on fire at Bushehr port

At least seven boats have caught fire at a shipyard in the port of Bushehr in Iran, according to loca media. The fire has been contained, while no casualties were reported.

Iranian tankers sail to Venezuela

Fortune, the Iranian tanker, is sailing towards the 12-nm boundary of Venezuela’s territorial seas, bringing its controversial journey to a close. 

Cyber-attack hits major Iranian port

On May 9, shipping traffic at Iran’s busy Shahid Rajaee port terminal came to a sudden and inexplicable halt. Namely, the computers all crashed at once, ­leading to massive backups on waterways and roads.

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