Fitness training is the physical activity people use to improve or maintain their physical condition. Examples include power training, aerobics and spinning. Through fitness exercises, we can improve our stamina, suppleness and strength.


What is more, by keeping our fitness we can be physically and mentally stronger, while it also improves sleep and digestion, it stabilises blood pressure and sugar, and improves concentration and self-confidence.

As far as seafarers are concerned, the possibility of doing any fitness exercise is limited on a ship, but there are exercises seafarers can do which do not require much space or equipment. This guide includes on board exercises to help seafarers keep fit, as well as guidance on how seafarers can determine their fitness level.

The guide suggests the use of a DYNA BAND, which can improve stamina, strength and flexibility. To train muscle strength maximum intensity is not necessary, 60 to 80 % is enough. A recommendation of 8 to 10 reps at 80% of maximum level for athletic training or 10-16 reps at 60-70% for beginners.

Arm Pull Down

  • Wrap the exerciser around your hands (shoulder-width apart);
  • Extend your arms above your head;
  • Pull your arms down and out to side (to shoulder level);
  • Slowly raise your arms above your head again;
  • Drop your shoulders between reps.

Horizontal Arm Pull

  • Grip or wrap the exerciser around your hands (shoulder-width apart);
  • Be sure that your palms remain facing up;
  • Extend your arms in front of your body – approximately 4 inches below shoulder level;
  • Pull your arms to side, level with your body – DO NOT OVEREXTEND THE BACK;
  • Pinch your shoulder blades together;
  • Slowly return your arms to starting position;
  • Drop your shoulders between reps.

Horizontal Chest Press

  • Place the exerciser against your back across your shoulder blades;
  • Grip the exerciser’s ends with both hands beneath each armpit;
  • Lay the end of the exerciser across your palms;
  • Take up the slack in the exerciser until it rests snugly against your back;
  • Push your arms forward;
  • Slowly return to starting position.

Bicep Curl – standing

  • Place one end of the exerciser on the floor, with your foot on top of it;
  • Grip the other end of the exerciser with your hand on the same side;
  • Take up any slack with your arm extended;
  • Place your elbow on your hip or close to your body;
  • Turn your palm upwards or facing midline of the body (thumb on top);
  • Keep your wrist straight;
  • Curl your arm up;
  • Slowly return to starting position.

You can see more exercises in the PDF below