Speaking about the 2020 sulphur cap, Theodore Veniamis stated that the compliant fuels must not only contain the necessary sulphur content, namely below 0.5%, but also be suitable for use. Specifically, he said that the fuels must not endanger the ships' safety, their crew and then environment as well.


Mr. Veniamis also congratulated the IMO for recognizing mistakes in the legislation, and taking measures to review it. He added that the EU should do the same, but there are some signs that it has recognized the potential problems and their consequences.

As for the scrubbers, the UGS president stated that this technology as an alternative measure of compliance is not equal to compliant fuels. He explained that they are an exception to the rule, and their environmental impact has not been studied enough. He also mentioned that the desulphurization of ships should take place on land, and not on board.

Theodore Veniamis concluded its opinion on scrubbers by saying that they have polarized the shipping industry and the ship owners that are willing to equip their ships with them.