The relations between the two countries have developed in the last years, especially in economy and investment, Ma Kai said.

An example of this is that of China COSCO Shipping's Piraeus Port project, which is a win-win cooperation of the two countries.

Mr. Kai said that  China and Greece are currently reforming and developing, and their collaboration will further develop the momentum of cooperation in all fields.

The Chinese vice premier also suggested the two sides should cooperate on the Belt and Road Initiative, in order to promote practical collaboration in major projects, support cooperation between financial institutions, improve  development by expanding trade and economic cooperation, and invest in people-to-people and cultural exchanges, Xinhua news agency reported.

From his part, Mr. Dragasakis highlighted the importance that Greece gives to the relations with China, and that it actively supports the Belt and Road Initiative. He added that Greece wishes to leverage its status as a regional hub to enhance cooperation under the initiative.

The Belt and Road Initiative, supported by China, focuses on development of new road and maritime trade routes connecting a large part of Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.