As Reuters informed, Carola Rackete was freed from house arrest after a judge dismissed accusations that she had endangered the lives of Italian servicemen by choosing to ignore military orders and bringing a boat of migrants to the port of Lampedusa.

For his part, Mr. Salvini has denounced Ms, Rackete, calling her a 'pirate' and an 'outlaw', while he also promised to expel her from Italy.

However, Ms. Rackete is planning a lawsuit against minister Salvini, accusing the minister of leading to hatred.


However, Carola Rackete still faces potential charges of enabling illegal immigration and disregarding public officials. She will also be questioned in Sicily by magistrates, while her Sea-Watch 3 boat has been impounded.

In addition, overcoming Italy's ban, another migrant rescue boat, the 'Alex', operated by the Italian NGO Mediterranea, docked at the same quay as the Sea Watch 3, having onboard 41 migrants. Mediterranea declined the Maltese offer to dock in Valletta commenting that the people onboard were not in the position to sustain such a long journey.