‘’Vessel operators will be unable to create or publish a TMSA2 document from 2 January 2018, when TMSA2 will be officially withdrawn. This ends the handover period to TMSA3, which has been available to technical vessel operators since 10 April 2017. ‘’ OCIMF stated in its newsletter.

The new edition of OCIMF’s Tanker Management and Self-Assessment is more extended in length compared with TMSA2 and introduces for the first time maritime security as Element 13 referring to cyber security as well. Also it features an expanded best practice guidance to complement  the KPIs and enhanced guidelines for risk assessment, auditing and review ashore and onboard along with guidance for all related tools to be employed. Other major changes introduced are the expansion of Element 6 – Cargo, Ballast, Tank Cleaning, Bunkering, Mooring and Anchoring Operations, an updated Element 10 combining Environmental and Energy Management.

Stavros Meidanis, DPA/CSO, Safety & Quality Manager, Capital Ship Management Corp. discussed how TMSA 3 presents a new challenge for the Ship Operator at the 2017 SAFETY4SEA Conference. Mr. Meidanis talked about the changes, highlighting that in this edition, special focus has been given on continual improvement cycle by taking into consideration additional KPIs with ultimate target an effective performance management.

Amanda Hastings, Claims Executive, UK P&I Club, recently outlined the major changes referring that the newly introduced element 13 aims to  “to establish and maintain policies and procedures in order to respond to and mitigate identified security threats covering all company activities including cyber security.”

In complying with the aim, she advised that security plans should be put in place, which also address cyber security risks, and should cover shored-based locations, vessels and personnel.

Mrs. Hastings also mentioned the following industry tools that can be used to facilitate compliance with Element 13.

Explore more about TMSA3 and its changes at www.ocimf.org/sire/resources/.