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And the band played on…..

The verdict is now out and the sentence issued in the Wakashio incident. The events do not make for comfortable reading; “closing the coast to get a Wi-Fi signal”, “lookout released to attend a birthday party”, master admits to drinking “moderately” , another pristine island’s coastline damaged by pollution and the total loss of a ship. An incident that has cast shame on our industry, writes Capt. Mark Bull, FNI, Principal, Trafalgar Navigation Limited.

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Managing maritime cyber risks in 2018

In its first issue of  “Phish & Ships” newsletter for 2018, Be Cyber Aware at Sea campaign provides an insight of the issues which will likely be shaping the shipping industry’s response to maritime cyber security risks throughout the year, focusing specifically on UK developments on cyber risks and the arrival of new EU data protection legislation.

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TMSA 3 to be released next week

The third edition of the Tanker Management and Self Assessment – A Best Practice Guide (TMSA 3) will be available from Monday 10th of April. The new version is extended in length (+23% in terms of words) compared with the TMSA 2 with the key focus now being shifted to implementation as the vast majority of the ambiguities of the TMSA 2 has now been cleared.

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What is the biggest obstacle for the social life onboard?

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