The Smart Ship 4.0 is a wireless computer network, produced by DSME, in a bid to enhance ship safety and performance through e-navigation.

Under the deal, DSME will build a basic environment for the infrastructure of the Intelligent Smart Ship 4.0 Service on the Naver Cloud Platform of Naver Business Platform and introduce Intel’s IoT solutions to the On-Ship IoT System, BusinessKorea reported.

Smart technologies in shipping have recently focused on reducing operational costs and enhancing safety by designing them to be remotely controlled on land rather than by their crew.

This agreement will help DSME to lead the global smart ship IoT infrastructure service market, according to Eom Hang-seop, an executive director of DSME, as quoted by local media.

In recent years, the South Korean shipbuilding industry has been hit by an oversupply of vessels and a decrease in new orders in the last years, as a result from global economic downturn and Chinese competition. However, the market seems to show signs of recovery with a steady rise in orders and smart technologies with autonomous navigation systems and unmanned ships, are expected to help the national industry to achieve this turnaround, according to Yoo Kwang-yeol, first senior deputy governor of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS).