If you could change one thing that would have an either profound or immediate impact on making a career in shipping more attractive to young men and women (outside the industry), what this one thing would it be and why?

Connie Roozen- Treasurer, WISTA

Be more progressive as an industry. We need to be open to new developments and for the new generation, this is the key for a sustainable future.





Carolien Vat-Sandee - Director & Co-Founder, PortXL

Collaboration. We need to work together and share vision, knowledge and ideas; it is the ideal concept for our industry.





Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst – Founder, Skoon Energy

Connecting all actions in every business plan with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Every company needs to make clear that those goals are of outmost importance for its business; also young people would like to work for companies which put sustainability on top.




Dr-Ing Orestis Schinas, Professor of Shipping and Ship Finance, Head of Department of Maritime and Logistics , HSBA

I would increase the bandwidth for ship shore communications, so mariners could feel closer to their family and friends and ships would turn into digital assets controlled at large from personnel ashore. In this way any physical barrier would be eliminated and only performance would matter.




Above views were presented during a panel discussion at the award ceremony of first CAREER4SEA – EUROPORT Awards, 8 November, Rotterdam.