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IMO’s steps to create a marine biodiversity protection treaty

The IMO Secretariat is attending the latest in a series of conferences to develop a legally binding international instrument, under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction – known as ‘BBNJ’.

AMSA presents its workplace diversity

AMSA launched its Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022, highlighting its principles on equal employment opportunity to include targeted initiatives for groups who are less represented in the industry. AMSA is also a proud employer of people from other diversity groups including people with disabilities, people from CALD backgrounds and LGBTIQA+ people.

Watch: IMO promotes gender diversity in maritime

The IMO published a new film, showing how IMO’s Women in Maritime programme is helping to support gender diversity in the maritime sector. As the video says, women are proving that, in today’s world, the maritime industries are for everyone. ‘It’s not about your gender, it’s about what you can do.’

IMarEST presents Women’s Network for World Oceans Day

During the ‘World Oceans Day’, June 8, IMarEST announced the launch of IMarEST Women’s Network. The Network will be open to all members, both male and female; The inaugural meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 9 and participants are able to join either in person, or virtually. IMarEST by the launch of the Network boosts its idea of ‘acting locally to succeed globally.’

Leveraging diversity and beyond: Key steps

Diversity is a well-known challenge facing shipping industry today. Most operators are aware that embracing diversity is of high importance, yet many don’t realise that their workforce isn’t as diverse as it could be. Besides, maritime is well known for being “traditional” and slow to change. Here is a short guide on leveraging diversity without getting wrong in setting diversity goals.

Interview Pool brings balance in the maritime recruitment process

The Maritime UK Women’s in Maritime Taskforce highlights the alarming issue of gender equality in the shipping industry. Crew recruitment is sometimes difficult when panels don’t understand the benefits diversity provides in the initial recruitment process.

Men and women to cooperate to maintain security

In light of women in shipping and diversity, World Pulse shares stories from women and their experiences; Seka, a member of World Pulse, provided her own thoughts on traditional gender roles when it comes to the important task of building peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More opportunities will arise for African women in the maritime sector

According to the Ghana Shipper’s Authority, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana highlighted that more opportunities should arise for women participating in the maritime sector, mostly in Africa, to take advantage of the potentials of the continent’s blue economy.

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