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DEI Innovation Lab: Changing industry’s perception is the first step towards a more diverse and equal environment

Following the launch of Maritime Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Innovation Lab 2022 , powered by V-Box, we are glad  to host an interview with Mr. Richard Holdsworth, Founding Partner of  V-Box, who highlights that the key priorities for a more diverse, equal and inclusive maritime industry are Gender equality, Ethnicity, Generational diversity, Psychological Safety and Mental health & wellbeing.

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GMF: 6 key areas to make the maritime industry more attractive

At the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in New York, young maritime professionals discussed what actions need to be taken for the maritime industry to attract future generations. Improving human sustainability will be imperative to help the industry appeal to and retain future talent – an issue increasingly pressing for the resiliency of the entire maritime value chain.

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DNV: Diversity and inclusion on the rise, but few companies consider it “business critical”

A recent survey by DNV reveals that a growing number of companies are beginning to put Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) on the corporate agenda. They tend to agree that a diverse and inclusive company is better performing, yet few see D&I as business critical. However, companies integrating D&I into their business model stand to gain significant performance benefits.

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6 key priorities for maritime leaders

Among the main effects of the COVID-19 pandemic was that it changed radically the industry’s status quo, highlighting working conditions in shipping. Meanwhile, global awareness of the adverse effects of climate change globally has put the environment at the top of the agenda in controversial industries, such as shipping and the energy sector. What are the main issues expected to attract the attention of maritime leaders in the near future?

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