Specifically, the "Guidelines for Automated/Autonomous Operation of ships ~Design development, Installation and Operation of Automated Operation Systems/Remote Operation Systems~" provide directions on the echnology related to MASS.

ClassNK comments that the directions of the developments can be divided in two parts:

  1. design and development aiming to lessen the number of crew members onboard unmanned ships or comparatively small ships with limited short navigation routes;
  2. design and development for partial automation of onboard tasks or remote support, mainly with the purpose of supporting the onboard operation of crew members.

In the meantime, the safety of the technology related to MASS should be confirmed not only in the design and the development stage, but during onboard installation.

Also, companies should confirm methods and procedures concerning maintenance and management of these systems.

ClassNK in the new guidelines includes the contents of the previously published provisional guidelines and newly compiled the requirements in each stage of design and development, installation, and maintenance management during the operation of technology related to MASS as “Guidelines for Automated/Autonomous Operation on ships”. These guidelines will be reviewed as necessary in accordance with the progress of related technology development.