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Automation vs autonomy in shipping: Key differences

Automation and autonomy play a significant role in the shipping industry, paving the way for a more digitalized future and enabling the industry deal with its current smart challenges. Yet, there is confusion between those two terms; so what do we mean when we talk about automation and autonomy within the maritine industry?

Royal Navy conducts autonomous control trials for unmanned assets

The UK Royal Navy conducted a four-day exercise as they put a full range of remotely-operated devices under autonomous control for a trial off the coast of Norway. The Royal Navy installed an artificial intelligence system, to control the technologies, in amphibious ship Albion, while industry partners joined onboard to implement and oversee the system trials.

Abu Dhabi to develop world’s first autonomous tugboats

Abu Dhabi Ports along with the vessel engineer Robert Allan Ltd., shake their hands in order to develop the world’s first fully unmanned autonomous commercial marine tugboats. Specifically, the tugs are expected to join SAFEEN, Abu Dhabi Ports’ service arm, once completed. 

Mariners ‘fairly pragmatic’ about automation, survey finds

In line with an increased focus on automation across shipping, The Nautical Institute has conducted a survey seeking to understand seafarers’ current thoughts on the introduction of automation. The responses revealed mariners were fairly pragmatic about the inevitable increase of technology onboard.

Fincantieri, Marakeb join forces on autonomous technology

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri and UAE-based autonomous technology provider Marakeb Technologies signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order to explore global collaboration opportunities in the field of autonomous technology. 

Insurers Considerations for Autonomous Ships

During the 2020 SMART4SEA Athens Forum, John Southam, Loss Prevention Executive, The North of England P&I Association Limited, focused on the P&I perspective of autonomous ships and new technologies in general. As he explains, with the emergence of automation, new risks have been born as well, such as new definitions or new roles. Shipping should address these changes and adopt to the new situation.

Norway’s MF Bastø VI conducts first fully automatic journey

MF Bastø VI recently conducted its first fully automatic journey between Horten and Moss while having passengers onboard, with a system installed which ensures that the ferry has optimized fuel consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased regularity and safety during its arrivals and departures.

Ocean Infinity to acquire robot ships to its fleet

Ocean Infinity is launching a marine technology and data company which will add a fleet of robot vessels the company and by combining technology and sustainability will not need the presence of men onboard.


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