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Watch: Autonomous navigation system completes sea trials in UK

UK-based consulting services provider tpgroup has completed a sea trial of its autonomous navigation system, Northstar, demonstrating safe navigation of unmanned vessels in real-time and in a real-life environment, without human intervention.

NYK carries out new test for remote navigation of tugboat

NYK and its group companies MTI Co. Ltd., Keihin Dock Co. Ltd., and Japan Marine Science Inc. (JMS) obtained useful results in the second test of the remote navigation of a tugboat as a part of the Japanese government’s Sea Trial Project on Remote Control Navigation for the realization of autonomous ships by 2025.

Yara Birkeland delivered to its owners

Vard announced that it delivered the world’s first all-electric autonomous container ship, the Yara Birkeland, to its owners Yara International.

Updated guidance on autonomous ships

Maritime UK has launched an updated guidance of the industry Code of Practice for Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems, in a bid to address the accelerating pace of change in maritime autonomy. 

E-navigation technologies: To trust or not to trust

In today’s smart environment, e-navigation remains a controversial subject of discussion, with some supporting that its aim is to assist operations, while others believe that seafarers may find it difficult to trust an autonomous system.

Yara Birkeland to start sailing during 2021

Yara Birkeland was one of the most eagerly anticipated vessel launches of the year. However, because of the pandemic and unseen complexities, the autonomous vessel is tipped to launch next year.

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